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Audio Engineer

As a recordist, Kelleher works with decorated talent in both music and film. In 2011 Kevin recorded and mixed music for the album Get It Right by Domino, an artist with a number one hit titled “Ghetto Jam” that helped propel the album on which it appeared to gold status (selling over 500,000 copies). A year later Kelleher served as Supervising Sound Designer for Christmas With The Dead, a feature-length film starring General Hospital actor Brad Maule (known on the show as Dr. Tony Jones). The film, which was shown in theaters and on the film festival circuit both nationally and internationally, as for instance as part of the Torino Film Festival, is based on an adaptation of a short story by Edgar® Award winning author Joe R. Lansdale.


In the recording studio, Dr. Kelleher performs as a drummer, percussionist, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist. As an engineer, he serves three primary roles: recordist, mixer, and mastering engineer. Click the Listen button below to hear a sampling of his work. 


Dr. Kelleher worked in higher education for over ten years. His expertise in music, recording, and songwriting as well as his ability to teach these subjects resulted in many successes, such as students becoming finalists in a national jingle writing competition.  


As a supervising sound designer for films, Dr. Kelleher emphasizes the importance of supporting the dialog and action on the screen with a realism of sound that is both natural and non-detracting. His work is described by an Executive Producer as circumspect and detail oriented.

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