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Dr. Kevin Kelleher began studying music as a child in Virginia Beach, VA. The combination of experiencing a broad variety of music and playing instruments such as the cello, trumpet, and percussion coalesced into a firm foundation that materialized over Kelleher’s formative school years. Kevin’s specialization on the drum set emerged from his percussion studies, and he eventually learned to play piano, bass, and guitar.

Kelleher's ability to be conversant with many instruments benefited his pursuit of songwriting and music production, and the experience acquired over years of performing and touring enhanced his efforts in the recording studio. The resulting albums represent a body of work that reflects Kelleher's unique musical background.

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Composer & Songwriter

As a consequence of being deeply influenced by Classical music, Dr. Kelleher pursued composition at the university level and earned a degree in the discipline. His oeuvre consists of traditional works for solo instruments and various ensembles, in addition to acoustic pieces with electronics, music for small and large jazz groups, and a soundscape for modern dance.

Dr. Kelleher's songs have appeared on several albums, one of which earned a spot on the Billboard charts. With an eclectic approach to songwriting, Kevin sets lyrics and music to catchy melodies and shapes them with engaging song forms. His Classical schooling and Pop upbringing engender a style that is both intellectually stimulating and musically appealing for both the trained and casual listener.

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Kelleher’s progression from a sideman to a music producer was aided by working under others in this supervisory role. Drawing from these experiences, Kevin learned to shape songs into commercially polished tracks with a distinct musical fingerprint. Offering unique ideas that inspire new possibilities, Kelleher collaborates with artists to achieve a synergistic final product greater than the sum of any one individual’s ideas.

When producing his album Reflections Of The Sun, Kevin built most of the tracks with sequenced electronic instruments. The production style for Kelleher’s work on 3127, by comparison, required a much more acoustic, band-driven approach. Comfortable in either modality, Kevin’s knowledge of both paradigms expands the musical palette of the talent he produces.

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Dr. Kelleher’s philosophy of versatility also applies to his audio engineering pursuits, evidenced by a broad range of credits from recording diverse types of music to working on sound for films. Whether tracking a band in the studio, recording music on location, or crafting the sound environment for a scene in a film, his goal is the same: to capture pristine audio resulting in a high-quality final product.

With distinctions as a certified Pro Tools Expert and as an Avid Certified Instructor, Kevin’s skills are sought not only for his engineering experience, but also for his ability to explain recording, editing, mixing, and mastering techniques. In addition to teaching, Kevin designs degree programs, writes curriculum, and serves as a consultant.


Solidified over the course of earning four academic degrees, Dr. Kelleher’s passion for writing scholarly material has produced several noteworthy publications. A paper based on his dissertation, for instance, was published by the Audio Engineering Society (AES).


In addition to delivering several scholarly presentations, Kevin served as a reviewer for the book Recording Music on Location. A text that Kelleher is co-authoring is currently being utilized in university-level music theory courses and is slated to be released to the public soon. Kevin’s knowledge of Popular music and his diverse performance experience inform this writing that is intended for both the amateur and the professional. 

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