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Dr. Kevin Kelleher is a multifaceted musician with a passion for versatility. His career consists of a combination of contrasting yet related musical pursuits, with professional experience as a performer and producer, a composer and songwriter, an audio engineer and sound designer, and a scholar and teacher. Some notable accomplishments are provided herein as a sample of Kelleher's work in a multiplicity of musical endeavors.

Drums & Percussion

The drum set is Dr. Kelleher's primary instrument. Having played drums & percussion for over three decades, Kelleher performs both nationally as well as internationally and records albums in a wide variety of styles and genres, including Pop, Classical, Reggae, Wind Symphony, and Modern Dance.

Word, Sound, & Power

On this Billboard-charting album by the internationally recognized band Christafari, Kelleher's dynamic playing is featured on the drum set. Known for their energetic live performances, Kevin tastefully translates this charismatic quality of the band to the recording studio. Kelleher is also credited on the album as songwriter, programmer, and percussionist.


In addition to showcasing his drumming in the Pop music paradigm, this album by Ace Winn exhibits Kelleher's talents as a producer. In this supervisory role, Kevin fulfills such duties as collaborating with the artist to realize their musical vision, guiding musicians' performances to best suit the song, as well as arranging and writing horn and string parts to add other elements of interest.

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